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Things to know before you sell a house

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Selling your house can be stressful.  Why? When your house is listed, you are getting last minute requests for prospective buyers wanting to see your house, and having to maintain a house that is showing ready at all times can add additional workload to your daily routine (especially if you have kids).  The biggest advice is keep your end goal in mind.  There is a reason you are selling, and remember that this is only for a period of time.  

Depending on your end goal, depends on what action should be taken - are fixes or updates needed, or is it better to sell in its current state.  Your best option is to call me to walk through your home to come up with an individualized plan that makes the most sense for your personal situation.  

Most houses require some decluttering in order to help future buyers envision themselves in your home.  Things like, removing personal family photos, items on counter tops, children's toys, nick-knacks, can really help.  The bonus of this is you’ll need to box up this stuff when your house sells, so getting a head start makes the packing process less of a task down the road. 

Things like fixing holes in walls and chipped paint are things that home inspectors will call out, so it’s a good idea to knock those off your list right away.  Another thing to do right before you list is a deep cleaning on your house.  This will make your home look well taken care of, and make it easier to maintain day to day for appointments when listed.  

Like I mentioned, each home is different, so calling me to walk through your home, even if you think you are a few months out, is a good idea to let you know what things are worth doing, and what things you may want to skip.

Adam Fuchs

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